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Up your tricks game and get better traction with grip tape

Skateboard grip tape is, as the name suggests, used to improve the grip and traction on your board. It consists of a sticky-backed sandpaper-like sheet which sticks onto the top of your deck, keeping you on your board and enhancing your ability to do kickflips and other tricks.

Beyond keeping you on your board, grip tape is also a great way to express your individuality, with a huge range of designs and styles to choose from, from transparent or traditional black through to bright, bold patterns. For a bit of hippy flair go for the Grizzly Skateboard Grip Tape Stamp 9” x 33” Tie Dye or, if you’re feeling hungry go for the Skate Mental Skateboard Grip Tape Pizza 9" x 33" Pepperoni.

You’ll need to replace your grip tape any time you get a new deck, or if you feel the traction starting to go on your existing tape.

Show your individuality with our awesome range of skateboard grip tapes

Grip tape provides friction and resistance between the soles of your skate shoes and the deck of your skateboard. Without grip tape you’d be hard pressed to get your board in the air.

Shop our great range of skateboard grip tapes from over a dozen iconic skate brands including Spitfire, Ripndip, Lucid, MOB, Polar and Grizzly. We’ve done the shopping around so you don’t have to, bringing together a collection of all the best local and international skate brands.

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