All New Balance Shoes are sold in US Men's Sizes.


How to measure your foot size.

  1. Identify which foot is longer than the other.
  2. Trace your longer foot on the piece of paper and start measuring from the heel to the longest toe in Cm. ( See the photo below )
  3. Make sure to add a half or full thumb width (as you need to allow extra room for your feet ) to the measured size and compare it with the Japanese Footwear Size Chart as it's equivalent to Cm. (Ex. JAP 24.5 = 24.5Cm)
  4. Convert Japanese Size into US, UK or Euro sizes to work out your size in a different Brands.
*Send us a message if you are still unsure about the size as we may be able to help further.
 How to measure your feet.

Main Size types used in Brands we carry.

Nike SB Dr. Martens'
Vans Classic / Pro Converse
Emerica CONS
Santa Cruz
Rip N Dip


Usually Nike SB, Vans, Globe are manufactured in standard US size. So if you already own one of these shoes then you can use it as a ref for the next time. Though if you have a wide foot then you might want to go for a size up depends on the shape of shoes you are buying. 


Tips to keep your feet healthy and Say good bye to the smelly shoes.

Surely you have heard of "Baking Soda"once in your life. It's readily used in kitchen for baking and cleaning or you can go and grab a bag of Baking Soda at the grocery store for couple of dollars. 

Now how to use it on your shoes? Just sprinkle bit of Baking Soda into your shoes the night before and you will definitely smell less odours in your shoes by the next morning. It's all natural so even healthy for your feet, too!