[ 13 helpful tips for buying your first Skateboard Complete - Double kick ]

Not sure what trick skateboard size is for you or where to start? Here are some helpful tips for choosing your very first double kick skateboard or one for your kid! 


Tip 1: Choose your Style

First, you may want to think about whether you want to be a Street Style Skateboarder or Park Style Skateboarder. Depending on the style you choose, it will affect the size of the skateboard deck and the size & hardness of wheels that you need to get. You could go for a happy medium if you are unsure about the style at this stage but it definitely helps to choose the best size straight up. That way you will get the best performance out of your Skateboard. Below explains brief about Street Style and Park Style Skateboarding if you are not familiar with the terms. 

Street Style (i) : Focused on Skating Street Objects such as Rails, Curbs, Stairs, Benches, Ledges basically learning to skate everything you can skate on the street & flat ground tricks.

Park Style Vert/Ramp/Bowl riding (i) : Focused on Skating the Skatepark and certain areas like a half pipe or a Bowl. It's suitable for people who loves the fast transitional type of skating. 


Tip 2: Learn about the Skateboard Components

There are 6 basic components in a skateboard set up and the rest can be added on as an option depending on your needs. As a handing tip, the pre-assembled complete skateboard setups usually only come with a combination of 6 basic components which are a Skateboard Deck, a pair of Trucks, a set of 4 Wheels, a set of 8 Bearings, a set of 8 Bolts & Nuts and a sheet of Griptape. With the pre-assembled complete skateboard, you won't need to worry about what to get for all other components as long as you know the size deck you need/want to buy. You can check our Skateboard Deck size guide here.

1. Deck (1)

2. Trucks (set of 2)

3. Wheels (set of 4)

4. Bearings (set of 8)

5. Bolts ( set of 8 bolts & set of 8 nuts)

6. Griptape (1 sheet of 9" x 33")

7. Riser pads (optional)

8. Rails (optional)

9. Stickers (optional)

- Skate tool (optional)


Tip 3: Should you go for a customised Skateboard set up or Pre-assembled Skateboard Complete?

It's good to stick with the Pre-assembled Skateboard complete, if it's your first skateboard. This will help you build up your skateboard style and preference on particular size and the brand. 

It's also good idea to go with the Pre-assembled Skateboard complete when you have a tight budget as they offer a better price for similar components. 

The only drawback of a Pre-Assembled Setup can be that you will have to buy them as is, so you will need to buy more parts if some of the components that come with the setup aren't the right size or type for you.

If you already decided to go with the Pre-assembled Skateboard complete we sell a massive range of Pre-assembled Skateboard complete here.

Otherwise read on through our skateboard buying guide! Next up we go through choosing the right components for your custom setup. From Step 4, you will learn more about each components in detail.


Tip 4: Choosing the Deck

Deck Width is the most considered factor when buying a Double kick skateboard. Length and Wheelbase size are something else to consider but less important than the Deck width when it comes to choosing your first skateboard. 

Considering all these factors can make things complicated! So it's good to choose the size of the board by the width of the Skateboard Deck. Keep reading below to know more about the Skateboard Deck or skip to "Choose your Truck" section.

Deck Size Width Recommendation

Micro, Mini and Mid Skateboard Deck sizes are recommended for kids and Full size Decks recommended for older kids and adults. Please note this is only a recommendation, there is no strict rule which size you should ride in skateboard world.

Remember we didn't have these many sizes available back in 90's, especially the sizes for a small human! Getting the right size should make riding or learning tricks a little easier. 


Micro : Deck width < 7.0"

Mini :   Deck width  = 7.0"

Mid :    Deck width  > 7.0" and  < 7.5"

Full :    Deck with 7.5" - 9.0" 


Deck Size Recommendation by Age Group

Micro:  0-4 Yr Old

Mini:    4- 7 Yr Old

Mid:     7-12 Yr Old

Full:     Above 12 Yr Olds


Deck width Vs Skateboarding Style

Skinny Skateboard : Skinnier the Skateboard deck, the easier to flip it. If you are keen on learning Flat ground tricks & Flip Tricks, starting with a Skinner Skateboard is recommended.

Wide Skateboard : Wider the Skateboard the more stability you will have. Wide Skateboards are recommended for the Park style Skateboarding and Cruising/Filming.



[ Deck Diagram]




Width is most considered factor when buying Street Style/Park Style Skateboarding. 





Length can be varied between the manufacturers for the same width






Nose is the front end of the board.

It's always wider and longer than the tail even though sometime they look symmetrical.








Tail is the back end of the board.



Wheel base


Wheel base is the length measured in between nose side inner deck bolt hole and tail side inner deck bot hole of the deck.

Wheel base also varies between the manufacturers for the same width & length

Wider the wheelbase is better for people with long legs and Shorter they are better for short legs.





 Rail is total length of the edge around the skateboard.


Deck Materials

Tip 5: How to Choose Skateboard Trucks

Once you have decided on the deck size, you can work out the matching size Skateboard trucks for your Skateboard Deck.


Truck Size

It's best to match the width of the trucks(Axle) closer to the width of your Skateboard deck. Click here to view the Truck size chart.


Truck Height

There are High/Mid trucks which are standard and Low Trucks for more technical skaters. It's good to stay with the High/Mid Trucks unless you are going for a small size wheels such as 50mm or 51mm in diameter as anything bigger than these sizes can cause wheelbite.


Truck Weight and Durability

Want the lightest Setup? There are various weights available depending on the material used on the Trucks and the manufacturing method.


Lightest of all : Magnesium Body Trucks with the Chromoly Axle | Shop Magnesium Body Skateboard Trucks here.

Light and the most durable axle: Titanium Axle Trucks with the Aluminium Body | Shop Titanium Axle Skateboard Trucks here.

Semi Light: Hollow  Chromoly Axle Trucks or/and Hollow Kingpins with the Aluminium Body | Shop Hollow Skateboard Trucks here.

Standard: Chromoly Axle Trucks with the Aluminium Body | Shop Standard Skateboard Trucks here.



Recommended Truck size by Brand for Different Size Decks

Brand Deck Size
7.4" 7.75" 8" 8.25" 8.5" 8.75" 9" 9.25" 10.5"
109/129 129 139 144/149 144/149 159 159 169 169
143/145 145 147 148 149 151 161 161 N/A
5.0 5.0 5.2 5.6 5.8 6.1 6.1 N/A N/A
4.75/5.0 5.0 5.25 5.5 5.75 N/A N/A N/A N/A
5" 5" 5.25" 5.5" 5.85" 6.5" N/A N/A N/A
Mini Logo
7.13" 7.63" 8.0" 8.0"/8.38" 8.38" 8.38"/8.75"  8.75" N/A N/A
130 130 140 140/150 140/150 150 150 N/A N/A
129mm 129mm 139mm 139mm/149mm 149mm 149mm 161mm 161mm N/A
106mm 126mm 126mm 126mm/153mm 153mm 153mm 153mm 153mm N/A
129mm 129mm 139mm 139mm/149mm 149mm 149mm 161mm 161mm/184mm 184mm/219mm
7.6 7.6 8 8.25 8.5 9 9 9
5.0" 5.0" 5.25" 5.25"/5.5" 5.5" N/A N/A N/A
4.75 5.0 5.25 5.5 5.75 N/A N/A N/A
5.0 5.25


11 22/02 33/03 33/44 44/55 44/55 55 55 66
Ruckus 5.0 5.25 5.5


Truck Diagram

Skateboard Truck Diagram


Tip 6: Choosing the Wheel Size


Type of Wheels 

Street Style - Wheel Diameter and the Hardness(Durometer)

50mm - 56mm is more common wheel size for a street style and 52mm 53mm are the most popular sizes. These smaller size wheels are better for the flip tricks as they are lighter than the big wheels.  

99A - 104A is the most common wheel hardness for a Street Style. Harder the wheels it's better for a flip tricks as they are less grippy and has better responsiveness so bouncier than the soft wheels.

Park StyleWheel Diameter and the Hardness(Durometer)

56mm - 60mm is commonly used wheel size for a park style and 56mm and 58mm are the most popular size. 

85A - 104A is used depends on the personal preference and the level of skateboarder. Softer the wheels, the grippier it is so it can give a rider a bit of control when speeding. Harder wheels can be a little more slippery so it's recommended more for advanced skaters and also recommended for skaters who looks for a better speed.


Wheels for Speed 

Remember Bigger and harder the wheels, the faster it rolls. Softer and smaller the wheels, the slower it rolls. 


Wheel Hardness 

"A" Rating is common rating system for skateboard wheel hardness. "B" Rating is also used for wheels that are above 100A for precise hardness testing.

Any other ratings are less commonly used in Skateboard industry.

To work out "B" rating to "A" rating, add 20. (84B = 104A)


Wheels with cores:

Wheels with the cores inside makes the wheel feels harder and increases responsiveness as well as displacing even weight distribution, thus it increases the riding speed and provides extra support for the bearings.


Tip 7: Choosing the Deck Bolts


Usually 7/8" and 1" is the common size for most of Double Kick boards as long as you are not running a Riser Pads that goes in between Deck bottom and the Top of the Truck Base Plate.

Riser Pad Size   Recommended Deck Bolt Size
1/8"  1" or 1.125"
1/4"  1.25"
1/2"  1.5"


There are 2 different types of head available in Skateboard Bolts. Thread for nuts are the universal across all skateboard brands.

Allen : The Allen Key usually is included in the package when you purchase the set of bolts.

Phillips : Phillips head bolts don't normally come with the Phillips head driver assuming everyone already has one handy.


Tip 8: Choosing the bearings


Abec ratings 

Higher the Abec Rating means it's manufactured more precisely. Made to the Industry standard for all ball and roller bearing tolerances. Some skate bearings show no abec ratings on them such as bearings made by Bones Skateboard Company.   



The Shield on the Skateboard bearing does not only hold the lubrication but also protect the ball bearings from dust or moisture or both depending on how it's sealed. It's still recommended to keep your Skateboard away from the dust and moisture at all time.



There are variety of materials that skateboard ball bearings are made out of.

The common materials for Skateboard Ball Bearings are ;

- Steel : They are usually made out of high-carbon chromium Steel.

- Stainless Steel: They have better corrosion resistance

- Ceramic : They are made extra hard and very smooth surface. 

- Titanium : They have excellent inherent corrosion resistance and strength without weight penalty.




As you ride your Skateboard outdoors, you will eventually pick up things like dust, water or dirt in your bearings. There is tiny clearance where your ball bearings sit inside the bearing case, so even a little hair can get stuck inside Skateboard bearings and slow them down.

If you ride with dirty bearings, dirt can cause serious pitting damage on your balls. This damage plus racing will likely cause extra heat inside the bearings due to the friction. This can stop the bearings rolling eventually and can cause serious injuries for yourself.  

All new sets of Skateboard bearings should be pre-lubricated in the factory. Running the Skateboard Bearings with no Lubrication will also cause damage to the bearings as it creates friction as well. So it's essential to make sure the lubrication is applied after cleaning bearings and before using them again to ensure your own safety and for the bearings longer life span!

When you feel your wheel is not spinning smoothly, you can flick your Skateboard bearing or Skateboard wheel with your finger to see if it's creating any noise or looks like its not spinning freely. If this is the case, it's strongly recommended you either replace or clean your current Skateboard Bearings before you continue riding them.



Popular brands





Shake Junt



Using bearing spacers can give bearings an extended life as they support the bearings from breakage caused by side load. It also removes the vibration in the wheels during your ride thus less noise.

If you are thinking about doing lots of sliding these are must haves! You can check out our spacer range here.


Tip 9Choosing the GripTape For Your Skateboard

50-50 Skate Shop offer a free Plain Black Grip tape with any Skateboard Deck purchase.

The Black Skateboard Grip tape is commonly used as well as printed Grip tape. 

9" x 33" is the common size for a sheet of Skateboard Grip Tape for gripping Double Kick Skateboards upto size 9.0". Any Skateboard decks wider than 9.0" such as the Old School Skateboard Deck require Extra wide Grip Tape.

Grip job can be quite a fun task when you get hold of it, but it can be a little harder your first time. It's best to get some tips by watching the demonstration before your first grip job. 

Skateboard Grip tape is pretty much a sand paper so it's very abrasive material that can wreck your Shoes or anything that comes into contacts with it. Shoe goo can help save your Skateboard Shoes if you want to apply it before you ride.


Tip 10: Riser Pads or no Riser Pads?


Why riser pads? 

It's mostly to increase the clearance between the Skateboard Deck and the Skateboard Truck height to avoid the wheel bites or for a personal preference.



Standard Thickness available for riser pads are  1/8", 1/4" and 1/2". Standard Trucks height would be suitable for wheel size up to 56mm -60mm, depends on your body weight, any wheels bigger than this range could cause the wheelbite without riser pads.



They are usually made out of hard rubber, but there are some made out of different materials such as bamboo. 



The Size can vary depends on the brand but mostly it's universal among all proper skateboard brands. You may want to check how many holes there are for the deck bolts. Such as the old school set up might need to have 6 holes or more. 


Shock Pads

These thinner riser pads are good for absorbing the impact passed on to your Deck and protect the graphic. They are usually only available in thin thickness. 

Angled riser pads

Wedged riser pad is not only to raise the height of the board but also to change the angle of the kingpin and the pivot. 


Tip 11Add Accessories!

1.Tail guards 

2. Rails 

3. Stickers


Tip 12Things you will need to assemble your skateboard

1. Skate Tool 

2. Blade for a grip job

3. file

4. Grip Cleaner (Optional)


Tip 13: Still Hard? We can help.

Contact us here for a chat!