4 Wheels Softies 56MM 85A - Set of 4


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Brand 4
SKU: 4-SOFT-D85W56
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Brand 4 Wheels
Wheel Core Yes
Wheel Diameter 56mm
Wheel Width 32.2mm
Wheel Contact Patch 18mm
Wheel Hardness 85a
Wheel Formula Softie Formula
Wheel Color White
Wheel Suggested Use Street/Cruising
Wheel Surface Treaded
Wheel Shape Standard



4 Wheels Softie are great to cruise around the street as they are soft compound but aslo perfect shape for doing all the street tricks.


Unlike hard wheels 4 Wheels Softie make a lot less noise when you are on the street also give the smoother ride.


The softer compound wheels in general tend to absobe more impact so better for your knees.


Available in 5 different sizes 52mm, 54mm, 56mm, 58mm, 70mm


Made by Australian company


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  • Hi. I see you have 70mm size weels. Can't find any pics or options.

    Thanks for reaching out. It could be the item that has sold out if it doesn't have an option for you to purchase them. I can double-check for you if you could send me the name of the product you are after?

    Thanks again.