H-Street Skateboard Deck Matt Hensley Full Size Mini Graphic 8.9" x 32.5" Fluro Orange Spectra Dip


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H-Street Skateboard Deck Matt Hensley Full Size Mini Graphic 8.9" x 32.5" Fluro Orange Spectra Dip

When Tony Mag started to work on Matt’s Mini Model graphic over the 2018 Holiday, he was asked by someone, “what the hell is a mini model”. Obviously someone not old enough to remember the 80’s and the whole mini model craze that went on for a few years. T-Mag then just explained that most Pro’s in the 80’s had a accompanying Mini model to their regular Pro board. Sometimes, it was just a smaller version of the Pro deck and sometimes, like in Matt’s case, it had a completely different graphic on it, although still with the “Vista Theme” to it.

It was originally drawn by Matt’s good buddy Ned Hadden from Assault Skateboards, who gave Scott Obradovich a couple of different version of the original art and Scott, according to Ned, took the 2nd draft and finalized the graphic and prepared it for screen printing.

Here's how Ned put it;

 “When I drew that graphic for Matt, I was really into drawing that RKL dude, Matt said he wanted a guy swinging on a pole and wanted it to say sweet Vista and since we love Vista, punk rock, and skating curbs more than anything at that time, this is what I came up with in 1989. VSL for life.”

The idea with the Mini concept was to accommodate the droves of kids that were getting into skateboarding at a certain point in the 80’s and the full size, 9-10 wide boards were just a lot for your average 8-10 year kid to handle and thus the Mini idea was born.

In addition to the original shape, Matt and Ned got together and talked over the shape issue, original vs updates and came up with a more skateable version of the mini and renamed it “Full Size Mini”, since it’s the mini graphic but with a more modern Park&Street shape. We think it’s super cool and a great way to put Ned’s original graphic in a better light.

Matt’s Full Size Mini is made in California at Watson Lam and constructed with high quality maple wood and available in a variety of natural, stained and full dips with the best custom silk screen job that could be had anywhere and an New School hole pattern. There is only 60 made in the A Series of the Hensley Full Size Mini and it’s laser marked as such, including the series number.



  • Comes with FREE black grip tape
  • 7 Ply Maple construction

  • Specifications

    Skateboard Width (Inch)  8.9"
    Skateboard Length (Inch)  32.5"
    Skateboard Wheelbase (Inch)  14.75"
    Skateboard Construction (Inch)

     7 Ply Hard Rock Maple

    Skateboard Shape (Inch)  Double Kick /   Popsicle 
    Skateboard Nose (Inch)  6.8"
    Skateboard Tail (Inch)  6.6"

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