Tracker Skateboard Trucks Dart 184mm (9.5 Inch) Silver (1 Pair)


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Tracker Skateboard Trucks Dart 184mm (9.5 Inch) Silver (Sold In Pairs)

The Tracker Dart model takes its design and turn angle from the legendary Tracker of the late 1970 The Dart is commonly referred to as a medium height truck, in that the hanger allows for more clearance between the deck and wheel, which in turn means less wheel bite.

Turning on the Tracker Dart model has been described as more of a surf feel. Stability at high speeds and aerial re-entry is smooth and predictable. Whether youre skating backyard pools or kick flipping down a triple set, the Tracker Dart model is a predictable, stable truck that you can trust.

Our Tracker Dart model is available in 8 sizes: 85mm (Mid-Track), 105mm (Fultrack),129mm, 139mm, 149mm, 161mm(new SixTrack), 184mm and the whopping 219mm. The 161 SixTrack, 184 and 219 are available in polished silver or black. Featuring Superball cushions.

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